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News Bulletins

Our news bulletins are released for Spring, Summer and Autumn each year. Some items from the Summer 2018 bulletin are given below.

2018 Spring Show

This took place in the Atrium at Nailsea School on Saturday 7 April.

2018 Summer Show

This took place in the Atrium at Nailsea School on Saturday 4 August.

2019 Spring Show

This will take place in the Atrium at Nailsea School on Saturday 30 March 2019. Please note that, for 2019 only, this is a change from the normal programme.

2018 Outings

These are only open to members, and we went to Rosemoor RHS gardens on Wednesday 6 June and are going to the Malvern Autumn Show on Wednesday 29 September. More details can be found on the Events/Outings page of this website.

The Ultimate Volunteering Challenge

Kew runs the Millenium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place in Sussex. Volunteer collectors gather holly berries from as many different locations as possible to protect the genetic diversity of the species in Britain.
The berries are harvested in winter in places like mountainsides in far northern Scotland. A collector may see in binoculars a bush high up, clamber up to it and find no berries: perhaps a male bush, or hungry birds. And hollies have their own defences against berry thieves, but you can’t pick berries with gloves on in case you squash them!
Any volunteers? Disappointment, frostbite and puncture wounds guaranteed.
(With acknowledgements to New Scientist, 23-30/12/17)

Plants Wear Armour

For years, botanists have known that sticky plants get covered in sand grains, but wondered whether this was just accidental or the stickiness had a purpose. So they took a sticky plant (sand verbena abronia latifolia), kept some clean and left others with sand stuck to them, and infested them with leaf-eating caterpillars. The caterpillars on sandy plants grew more slowly and remained stunted, and the researchers were astounded how eroded the caterpillar mandibles were after only a week feeding on sandy plants. So personal cleanliness is not always good (at least for plants).
(With acknowledgements to New Scientist, 06/01/18)

Gardening Myths can be True

New Scientist had an article in March 2018 tackling 12 gardening myths. Most turned out to be false, but No.12 “gardening makes you more cheerful and happy” is TRUE!
Repeated studies have shown that gardening can lead to health improvements equivalent to reducing your apparent age by 5 years, and increase self-esteem and well-being; and each gardening session reduces your levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

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